Seaside Vacation Homes – Save Money South of The Border

If you are looking for the best seaside vacation homes at the most affordable prices,Seaside Vacation Homes - Save Money South of The Border Articles Mexico has the lot to offer when it comes to ocean views, sunsets, water sports, activities, and amenities in their vacation home rentals.

It wasn’t that long ago when foreigners of Mexico were not allowed to own or invest in beachfront real estate, which left a lot of “would be” buyers frustrated, knowing there was cheap oceanfront property available in a prime location but the opportunity to own or invest in beachfront real estate in Mexico was nil.

In 2005 the government of Mexico enacted fideicomiso, which is roughly translated to mean real estate trust, making it possible for US and other foreign investors to purchase the cheap oceanfront property available, making Mexico a popular spot for exclusive luxury style residences and a haven for beachfront real estate investments

What Makes Mexico a More Affordable Vacation Home Choice?

One of the biggest reasons that vacation homes are more affordable in Mexico is the fact that the value of Mexican currency has historically been consistently lower than US or other foreign currency.

Foreign investors having the opportunity to buy property and the need for economic stimulus in Mexico, has brought back the long forgotten idea of finding cheap oceanfront property and has made it a reality again.

Not only is the property less expensive to buy but the cost of building, staffing, and everything else that comes with developing vacation home rentals is far less expensive too. Some of the savings seen by developers is being passed down to the vacation home renters, keeping the cost of vacation home rentals at a very modest rate.

Naturally the lower cost of vacation home rentals in turn is bringing an increase in visitors. This makes it a win-win situation for both investor and consumer. Just as an example of the savings you can expect, consider this…luxury beach villas in Florida, with the same amenities and features will sometimes cost you two or more times the rent of a vacation home south of the border. The dollar doesn’t go near as far stateside as is does in neighboring Mexico.

The Trend in New Beachfront Real Estate Development is Luxury

Luxury beach villas with on-site golf course, tennis court, spa, and personal chef are just examples of the amenities you’ll get to choose when searching a vacation home in Mexico. The trend in the development of beachfront real estate has been to provide exclusive, luxurious residences and vacation homes with more amenities than thought imaginable. You’ll also find that you’ll have a unique choice in architectural features in many of the seaside vacation homes available. Luxury beach villas, with walls that seem to disappear, expanding your living area to the beautifully landscaped stone deck and allowing you the full enjoyment of beautiful views and seaside breezes.

It’s Not Just The Price That Makes Mexico a Great Vacation Home Area…

Mexico offers a vacationer a wide variety of lifestyle settings. A tranquil way of life, where clear skies over serene deserts engulf you or a busy tourist filled beach with amusements and lot of fun for the family. Some of the most popular spots are just minutes from the California border. And include Northern Baja, Cancun, Puerto Penasco, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta and San Miguel. Northern Baja is the major center of ecotourism, with whale sanctuaries, coral reefs, surf destinations, and desert areas with exotic animals and plants. Visitors come to enjoy the cactus covered mountains year-round, the soft beige sandy beaches, and the sparkling waters of the Pacific or the Gulf of Mexico. Baja boasts every type of available activity, including hiking a desert wash, kayaking, walking the miles of uninhabited beaches, boating, shopping or bird-watching.