Your Inside Guide to Collagen Skin Care and Collagen Treatments

Collagen skin care is one of the biggest Advertising hypes going around these days. Various big manufacturers advertise to the public and claim that their Collagen formulated skin creams and Collagen Treatments can give you a healthy, supple and firm skin. There are a couple of reasons they this “scam” is convincing.People have two ideas of skin care based on collagen. Firstly, they mean a collagen skin care product which has the ability to turn back the clock and make their skin look vibrant, more firm and supple.And the other people mean collagen treatments, like injections of collagen.Although injectible collagen administered by a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon do have a real and noticeable effect, but the effect is temporary, painful and costly. Injectible collagen can plump up areas of your skin and make it look more firm for many months.And if by collagen skin care, if we mean the skin care cream products that contain collagen, then you would be surprised to know the reality of such products.The reality is that these products do not work, despite how slick and attractive the bottles, jars and tubes they come in look. No matter how pretty the celebrity endorsing it and no matter how expensive and glossy the magazine ad is.

The reason is that collagen cannot be absorbed into the skin. Collagen molecules are simple too big for that. You can research this fact by checking any reputable scientific site.Once you are convinced of the ineffectiveness of collagen skin care creams or come to a conclusion that painful, temporary and expensive collagen treatments are not a course suitable for you, then what would be the right solution?The solution is finding high quality, scientifically based products, that are natural and clinically proven to help your body stimulate its own production of collagen.Its Collagen again that does the trick, but its in a different manner.Here is an example of a clinically proven substance that stimulates the production of collagen in the human body.Cynergy TKIt might sound new to you and its not even available in the big named products. And it might not be even for the coming few years. It contains Functional Keratin sourced from the New Zealand.The interesting thing to know is that functional Keratin not only stimulates new collagen, but also stimulates growth of entirely new cells and helps in repair and maintainance of skin health and vitality.Other than that, it helps stimulate the production of elastin, another skin protein, which plays a key role in building and maintaining the elasticity and firmness of skin.We can clearly see that there are effective alternatives to so-called collagen skin care, or even the legitimate but temporary injectible collagen treatments.And due to the world becoming a global village by the Internet and Communications boom, the true collagen skin care alternatives are even available to the Western World. The first step is to simply do you research on how skin ages, and then it would be easy and apparent to distinguish an authentic product from a hype filled one.