The Secret Mystique of Lady Gaga

on top of a hill. Nothing feels planned. Lady Gaga can go up the hill when she wishes and can also go down when she wants. Nothing, absolutely nothing stands in her way. She feels an easy connection to her fans. She is open and receptive to all forms of inspiration. Her music listens, welcomes and embraces. Her sounds and rhythms are highly approachable.

Her unique music and dynamic persona connects us to her universe. We feel supported, self-affirmed, like we are part of the whole world. We do not feel like we are being shut out. She brings listeners a sense of togetherness. When we listen to her songs, we sense that we are all a part of everything. We are sharing a grounded and supportive interval of time.

Lady Gaga’s image is an example of the kind of freedom that doesn’t infringe; that doesn’t take up our space. We feel encouraged, surprised, and exuberant. In her world, no one is running into each other. Even though we are all following different paths, Lady Gaga gives us a sense that we can float unguarded through the world, like helium balloons that gently touch one another.

In her personal world, she doesn’t allow people to get too close; we understand that she needs to protect herself and her privacy. If people get too near, she may experience feeling squished or cornered.

Gaga’s message reiterates that we do not have to fix others; and others do not have to fix us. Her philosophy connects us on a much deeper level; it heals our loneliness and isolation.

Her music does not criticize; it affirms how we can make decisions for ourselves. We don’t have to take a trip to the Far East to achieve contentment. Her agenda is to replenish and recharge our souls. There is nothing specific to do when we are in charge of our lives, except to take good care of ourselves from moment to moment.

It has been rumored that Lady Gaga viewed her parents as being individuals with some shortcomings, who were trying their best to get their children through life. Her parents raised her the best they could. They really loved Gaga; in fact, they adored her. Her parents planted seeds. They saw and knew her better than she knew herself.

Lady Gaga is really unconcerned whether people like her or not. She considers people pleasing a complete waste of time. She is quite aware that we are all part of a living earth; and the world is so much bigger than her.