Stay Safety Compliant with Emergency LED Light Bars

One essential requirement is lighting, and, for these work vehicles, some lights are required while others are forbidden. Be certain to keep your vehicles compliant by knowing when you can and must have a grill light, flashing light, or Emergency Led Light Bar.

Federal Requirements on Lighting
There are two federal regulations that dictate the lighting allowed on roadside and private emergency response vehicles. The first is the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard. This law is executed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA,) a federal agency. It is this particular law that dictates what is required for a brand new vehicle. The other relevant law is found in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). This law doesn’t provide much information for those constructing these vehicles and new purchasers but does have a lot of influence on what lighting is allowed on the truck or car after it is in operation.

When it comes to the FMCSA, the most important thing to know is that a lot of modifications you may want to make are actually prohibited. By way of example, the color of lights on your tow truck or utility vehicle cannot be similar to those used on police vehicles or ambulances. Therefore, only these vehicles can have a specific emergency LED light bar, while a roadside construction vehicle will need to utilize one that only has white or yellow lights.

Additionally, the Society of Automotive Engineers and Department of Transportation will regularly provide advice and information to manufacturers and owners of these vehicles. At times these recommendations haven’t aligned. In the worst instances, there have been direct discrepancies. For this reason, it is imperative to discuss any after-sale modifications with the manufacturer or a lawyer knowledgeable on these issues.