Shenzhen: A Booming Tourism Industry

The tourism of Shenzhen has been in recent times making steady progress with a lot of systemization and standardization. With the passing of time it is going one notch up higher. The Shenzhen Special Economic Zone has made special efforts and the result has been the building of more than 50 scenery attractions with different styles. The city of Shenzhen China has about 139 star ranked hotels to provide the best of hospitality to the visitors. Shenzhen China has come to be referred to as a garden city where you can walk around to admire the impressive

modern styles, its appeal and panorama of views. The tourists to Shenzhen can have access to some superb collection of famous, excellent and special products. Tourists to the city from late June to early July can savor the Litchi Festival. To mix a bit of fun with business, visitors can try North Huagiang Shopping Street to hunt especially for electronics and telecommunications equipment, clocks and watches. The Dongmen Pedestrian Shopping Street, supposedly the busiest street in Shenzhen and a traditional shopping area is a must visit for antiques, calligraphy, paintings, relics and rare handicrafts.