Secrets That Most Vitamin Companies Don’t Want You To Know!

Finally, Information That Reveals The Shocking Truth About Vitamin Supplements! Find Out What You Friends, Family, Or Even Your Doctor May Not Know About How To Choose Which Vitamin Supplements Are Right For Your Body!

Before we get started, do you ever find yourself asking any or all of these questions:

· Why do I keep spending money on all these vitamins and not feel a thing?

· Why do I still get sick and continuously feel lousy?

· Why is it so hard to stay “consistent” when it comes to taking vitamins on a regular basis?

· Which vitamins does MY BODY need?

· Will I be able to live life to it’s fullest as I get older?

· How do I know “For Sure” which nutrients I am lacking in my diet?

The “New Scoop” On Vitamins…
Vitamin supplements may be much more important than doctors thought in warding off cancer, heart disease and the ravages of aging—and, no, you may not be getting enough of these crucial nutrients in your diet!

Vitamins are a “Key” factor in warding off the following chronic diseases:

ü Heart Disease

ü Lung Cancer

ü Bowel Cancer

ü Breast Cancer

ü Prostate Cancer

ü Osteoporosis


The fact is: YOU probably aren’t getting the nutrients that you need!

World class nutrition experts have been recommending vitamins for more than 35 years!

“To take or not to take” is no longer the question. ALL nutrition experts and most doctors support supplementation.

What To Take Is Now The Question…
Optimal Health Journal lists many government surveys which state:

1. Our diets do not provide adequate levels of vitamins for AVERAGE HEALTH – let alone OPTIMAL HEALTH!

2. Of 21,500 people surveyed, NO ONE obtained 100% of the recommended allowance for each of the ten essential nutrients.

The prestigious journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) now recognizes the importance of vitamins. It states:

“Most Americans do not consume adequate amounts of vitamins by diet alone.

…it appears prudent for all adults to take vitamin supplements.”

The “Real Danger” In Overdosing on Vitamin Supplements…
Did you know that your body needs specific amounts of different nutrients and that it can be harmful if you take too much of a certain vitamin?