Redbush tea is an uplifting drink

Redbush Tea or Rooibos Tea as it is commonly known in South
Africa, is grown free from chemicals in an environmentally
conscious way that does not place human health at risk. It uses
renewable resources, protects plant and wild life, replenishes
soil fertility and productivity, and minimizes damage to the

Cultivation under an organic system is complicated and rigidly
controlled by international certification bodies who carry out
regular inspections of the plantations, the soil, the processing
plants, any vehicles used and any other equipment involved in
the production of the tea. Besides the fact that it is
organically grown, harvested and packed, it has great medicinal
qualities which are already well known in overseas markets.
Since ancient times, this plant has been valued for its
medicinal uses by the indigenous San people. With no harmful
stimulants, absolutely no caffeine the tea will leave you
feeling calm and rested too. Due to its soothing effect, it is
believed to help with insomnia, irritability, headaches, mild
depression and nervous tension. It also offers significant
anti-spasmodic relief, alleviating stomach cramps and
constipation as well colic in infants. Because it’s
caffeine-free, it is suitable for pregnant women and nursing
mothers. This wonderful tea is even used to treat skin
conditions such as eczema and nappy rash, and to reduce
allergies like hay fever and asthma!