Promote Your Blog

Many people think that getting their blog up and running and making regular posts is all they need to do with their business blog.

That’s great but you can gain way more awareness and grow your blog readership so much faster if you promote your blog and let everyone know about it. There are several ways that you can market your blog. Many of them are simple,Promote Your Blog Articles and inexpensive or no-cost to do and set up.

Keep in mind that a lot of these methods to promote your blog will be ongoing – some you set up once (like the link in your article resource box) and others you keep doing (include link on all your marketing communications and announcements).

Take a look at the list below and check off all the ones that you can do:

* mention your blog in your author resource box at the end of articles you’ve written

* post a notice on any online groups/associations you belong to that have a “marketplace”

* have link to your blog URL on your Facebook profile – and other social media like LinkedIn and MySpace

* have your blog entries automatically posted to Facebook on your profile page

* send out a press release when you’re just launching your blog or when you have a really good, unique, important blog post