Product Design and How Product Design Firms Help Us In Our Daily Lives

Product Design Firms are entrepreneurial ventures which provide services to large manufacturing companies and enterprises. Their responsibilities include designing and prototyping for an idea or a potential product that could be useful to a customer and create a demand in the market.

Product design comes under the umbrella of various design services including: Business Design, Enterprise Design, Products Design, and Execution Design. Each of this type corresponds to a specific task and helps in curating the economic flow. All these are important to the process of creation. The flow of the above design processes is marked as follows:

Enterprise Design -> Product Design -> Execution Design -> Business Design -> Enterprise Design….. And so the circle continues.

Product designers are problem solvers, they can be responsible for any or all of the following processes:

1) Experience Designer

2) Interaction Designer

3) Information Architect

4) Experience Architect

5) User Interface Designer

6) User Experience Designer

7) …and many more

The Product design firms are responsible for product design, there are various types of product design, the important ones are:

1) System Design: This type is related to designing systems for user needs for eg: Grocery store, where there are aisles, counters, and racks, etc which cater to user needs, and users pay an amount for the services. This constitutes a system.