Opening a Yogurt Shop? Top 3 Display Tools You’ll Need

Opening a yogurt shop can be, like embarking on any new business adventure, both exciting and scary. How big will your shop be? How many employees will you hire? How many different kinds of yogurt will you offer? Will you offer any other kind of product?

However, yogurt shops require a few things that not every business requires – specifically, special display fixtures. Below are the top three yogurt shop display tools you’ll need to both attractively and conveniently display your merchandise.

1. Acrylic Dispensers and Other Acrylic Bins

Acrylic food dispensers and other acrylic bins such as mini bins and jumbo mini bins are essential display fixtures for yogurt shops. These kinds of acrylic containers help you easily showcase merchandise – including yogurt toppings such as sprinkles – and many are available with necessary accessories such as plastic or aluminum scoops that help customers retrieve the amount of product they need without touching any of the rest of it (see below).

As you’re looking for acrylic dispensers and other acrylic bins for your new yogurt shop, note that you can find these display fixtures in a wide variety of sizes – make sure you choose the sizes that will best display your items as well as work with the amount of display space you have. Note that additional display fixtures – including countertop racks and slatwall dispensers, addressed below – can help you make the most of your display space.

2. Scoop Bin Countertop Racks

Countertop display racks are excellent display fixtures for making the most of your display space. You can use these kinds of racks to create more display space on a small countertop, attractively and conveniently display other fixtures such as acrylic scoop bins on an otherwise awkwardly shaped countertop, or simply create even more display space on an already sizeable countertop.

As you’re shopping for countertop display racks for your new yogurt shop, make sure you choose racks that will:

  • Fit your countertop space. Countertop display racks are available in numerous sizes, so be sure to choose the racks of the heights and widths that will work best with your countertop.
  • Hold the kinds of acrylic dispensers and bins you plan to use to display your yogurt toppings and other products. Both acrylic containers and countertop racks are available in a variety of sizes, so make sure you choose sizes in each that will work well with each other.

3. Scoop Bin Slatwall Dispensers

Showcasing merchandise on your yogurt’s walls is a great way to make the most of your display space, as well as offer extra convenience to your customers.

As is the case with countertop display racks, slatwall display fixtures are available in a variety of sizes. Be sure to choose the slatwall display that will fit your wall space and conveniently hold your dispensers.

BONUS: Don’t Forget the Accessories!

When you’re dealing with products like yogurt toppings – which includes dry food items like sprinkles, granola, and nuts – you must make sure your displays include accessories such as:

  • Plastic scoops or aluminum scoops to help customers easily retrieve the amount of toppings or other food product they need without contaminating the rest of it.
  • Container lids to help keep the food items fresh and safe from debris both during work hours and while you’re storing them.