Mobile app vs. mobile website: a UX comparison – which is the better option?

Day by day, the numbers of mobile users are increasing. According to statistics, 48% of websites have been visited by users using their smartphones last year. With each passing year, the count is rising rapidly.

Mobile users are spending 42% of the total time spending online globally and 90% of the total time spent on phone is in applications. This has made to bring a good debate all around for companies that whether a mobile app is a good option or a mobile website for their business.

One more popular question: why do you need that responsive website at all? Well, did you know that quantity of mobile phone users is going to increase worldwide from 4.01 in 2013 to 5.07 billion in 2019? (see picture below). In 2016 almost 63% of the Earth’ population already owned a mobile phone. During next years this amount will grow in particular thanks to China and India.

To come up with the decision, the businesses have to consider their budget, their target audience as well as their intent.

Let us first discuss mobile apps!!!

Mobile application development

The native mobile app company Atlanta designs mobile applications to work on a platform either on Android or IOS. To use these native applications, a user has to download these on their mobile phone. Usually, mobile applications are more responsive a user-friendly as compare to the websites.

Affect on user’s experience

Customization of web development

You can customize an application as per your preference as users get an option to customize the application based on own choice once they download a mobile application. Mobile applications also include a feature that enables it to track the activity of the user, therefore, offers some recommendations.

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You might have noticed that you always get pop up ads on your phone basis on the content that you have seen on a specific application. It is because apps track the user’s activities on their application to recommended goods and services in which the user is interested.

It does not only helpful for businesses to sell their products and services but as well as for customer with enhanced user experience.

Interactive ways to keep your users engaged

Wrecker Service
Wrecker Service
Roadside Assistance
Mobile Mount Balance
Mobile Tire Repair
Wrecker Service
Tire Change
ump Start
Locked Out Assistance

Applications allow users to interact with some specific portions of it. It keeps the users engaged with engaging contents and components. You don’t have to see the same content and images over and over again.

You can work offline
There are some features in mobile applications that can be run without any Internet connection. User can access the saved information anytime even without an Internet connection.