Maximizing Banner Ad Efficiency on Your Website

The first paragraph of this article provides a concise summary of the content. Have you ever visited a website that was so cluttered with banner ads that it took an eternity to load? If you’re a seller of products or services, or an affiliate marketer, you likely have banner ads at your disposal. This article will guide you on how to use these ads effectively without overwhelming your site visitors or slowing down your page load time.
The Challenge with Multiple Banner Ads

Visiting a website that is cluttered with a dozen or more banners can be a frustrating experience, especially when it takes forever for the page to load. If you’re selling your own product or service, or marketing for affiliate programs, you likely have a variety of banner ads at your disposal.

Most affiliate programs provide a selection of promotional tools, including banners, when you sign up. If you’re developing multiple income streams, you’re likely associated with several affiliate programs, each offering products, services, or network marketing opportunities. You may also have your own products or services to promote.

Regardless of the type of program or product you’re offering, the goal is to gain exposure to drive sales or member sign-ups. Let’s say you’re associated with eight such programs or products. You have eight different banners to promote, but how do you do it without cluttering your webpage or slowing down its load time?
The Solution: Rotating Banner Scripts

2m roller banners
wide roller banner
wide roll up banner

The solution to this challenge is a rotating banner script. This tool, which can often be obtained for free, is not difficult to set up. A rotating banner script is a cgi-based tool that allows you to load as many banners as you want to rotate. You then place a short line of HTML code on your page, and each time a new visitor lands on your page, a new banner appears automatically.

To see a rotating banner script in action, visit this page. The banner at the top of the page is on a rotating script. If you refresh the page, you’ll see a different banner appear.

Advantages of Rotating Banner Scripts

One of the benefits of using a rotating banner script is that you can have the banners rotate on as many pages as you want, and you only need to set up the script once on your site. The more pages you have it on, the more exposure you get. If a visitor browses six pages of your site and you have the banner script on those pages, they will likely see six different banners.