iPhone 3G Features: What is New On The Device

coveted device of the age.

The gadget can be used for communication,Guest Posting browsing internet, listening music, capture video and images and make video calls. The 3G technology has given the iPhone faster access to the Internet and email over cellular network around the world. It is not only an exceptional user interface mobile, but also a device that can enrich mobile music and multimedia experience of the users.

The trendy look of the iPhone 3G has the prowess to catch the fancy of any user. Moreover, advanced functionality and features of the device can tempt anyone to be a proud owner of an iPhone 3G. Let us know about the salient features of the handy and sophisticated device.

TFT touchscreen:

Monitor is the most striking and practical feature of the iPhone 3G with its colour display. The 3.5 inches TFT touch screen is so attractive that the user would be tempted to download video games from the Internet to play on the screen. Also, there are options for downloading entertainment and information based files.

Larger memory: