Helping Your Child with History

In order to lay out a plan for family support and involvement in history, think of using these six suggestions to help . These ideas include: researching family history; watching educational TV programs together; having frequent meaningful communication; understanding the different kinds of history; designing home activities that enhance history, and making school connections.

1) Researching family history – History can be a habit that a family can develop, but it will take a parent’s positive push toward developing an interest. An excellent starting point is to begin with family history. Sharing information and researching information about past family members can be an exciting endeavor for youngsters. Beginning a family tree is logical way to approach the journey in looking at people and events in a family’s past. There is excellent and inexpensive software than can be used to help set up a template for recording data that has been gathered about past family members. Children really enjoy being able to share some interesting tidbits at school about their relatives. What a way to hook children on history and research. What a way to boost a child’s self-esteem.

2) Watching educational programming – Take a look at daily reporting and commentary about people and events. Watching the news together as a family can offer a multitude of topics for family discussion and debate. Other TV opportunities can include programs from the history channel or travel channel. Biographies are one of those things that are easy and enjoyable to which children can relate. Watching programs together as a family can be a rewarding experience for everyone. Besides TV, atlases, Internet access, magazines, and newspapers are important resources to have available at home. In addition, a family outing to the local public lib