Grandma Is Selling It Cheap


There has entered a new type of hooker on the sidewalks of the big city. She is called “Grandma” by her customers and she is offering “blowjobs” at a discount. A “grandma blowjob” can be had for as little as five bucks. Her service has become so popular that the young hookers have lost most of their business. Some of the old ladies have been cursed and spat upon because of the low price.

One of the advantages an old lady has in the hooker business is that she has no overhead. A pimp will not take any money from an old lady that is barely able to walk without a cane. No cop in good conscience will arrest or chase an old lady that is struggling to pay her rent. She has the streets all to herself and her low price and good service keeps her in demand.

There is nothing immoral about a poor old lady trying to make ends meet by giving blowjobs. It might be the only way she can better her standard of living. Her mouth is the only thing she uses and it takes little effort to perform her task. There are those “good hearts” that think it is terrible to see an old lady blowing for a living. I agree with them because I would not like to see my own mother working as a hooker that late in life. But people have to pay their expenses and as long as they do not harm anybody we should accept their vocation.

There is a tremendous demand for cheap blowjobs. Almost every man will gladly pay five or ten bucks for a good one. That is where the opening comes in for poor or just plain bored old ladies. But there is one big hurdle that stands in the way—sex for sale is illegal. Most women are deathly afraid to break the law. Nobody can blame an eighty year old woman who would love to work as a hooker but is afraid of being arrested.

I propose that a new understanding be reached by world governments that a hooker over the age of sixty five be immune from the law. She should be allowed to sell as many blowjobs as she can without harassment. Ordinary sexual activity would remain in the hands of younger hookers. The “grandma blowjob” will be a pleasurable introduction into the lives of men and a financial benefit to participating ladies.