Fun and Safe Things to Do in Port Douglas With Your Family

Port Douglas is a funky resort town that offers a lot of activities for visitors and locals.If you’re visiting Queensland, Port Douglas should definitely be on your list. If you’re travelling with your family, here are some excellent options for you that will guarantee a fun and safe holiday experience.


Explore the Great Barrier Reef

One of the best things you shouldn’t miss while you’re in Port Douglas is a visit to the world heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef. You cannot leave Port Douglas without exploring the Great Barrier Reef. The further you move towards the north in Queensland, there are reefs that are closer to the coast, making it a perfect spot for families to go cruising or snorkelling. If your kids are quite young, the Port Douglas cruises are a great option, particularly if snorkelling is a first for them – they’ll learn in a shallow bay and the coral is quite near to the beach. Port Douglas snorkelling is one of the many amazing options at this pretty destination. Swim up close to the bright orange clownfish popularly known as ‘Nemo’ from “Finding Nemo” the movie. Pack your swim suits and picnic bags now!

Hop on the Bally Hooley

The Bally Hooley is known as the town’s favourite little steam train that beautifully chugs up and down the cane train tracks. These historic and famous locomotives (named Speedy and Buddy) were used to haul cane in the past until the local sugar mill started using diesel. Now they spend their ferrying families and visitors around the suburbs of Port Douglas on Sundays– enjoy beautiful spectacles of golf courses, a marina and mangroves.


Visit the Port Douglas Markets

These funky local markets in Port Douglas are a seasoned cornucopia of tropical colours, rich flavours and ambience. They are open every Sunday morning at the Anzac Park located at Macrossan Street).  Featuring a great blend of unique and local handcrafted souvenirs, a variety of fresh fruit and vegetable produce and numerous food stalls, they are a must visit to understand the true vibe of this coastal town. Moreover, It is also a good excuse to browse and bargain with the locals. The kids will absolutely love the quirky handmade toys and coconut heads on display. You can also find fresh coconuts and sugar cane juice.

Get Your Dose of Adrenaline Fix With Watersports

If you want some amazing and unforgettable water sport action in Port Douglas, then search no more than the ever-popular Windswell Kitesurfing and Stand Up Paddle. When it comes to getting around Port Douglas and its neighbourhoods via water, they surely have all your bases covered. Now if it’s too windy out in the sea, you could try kitesurfing. SUP boarding or wakeboarding, also known as ‘wakeboarding’ could be an option. If you’re not in the mood to take a dip in the sea, then how about a rainforest river tour via SUP. For a memorable Port Douglas experience with your kids, it will always be incomplete without a bit of water sport action.