English Soccer

‘Association Football’ is the game that originated in England. Thus it holds an important position in English national life. English soccer is generally referred as ‘Football’ or ‘Association football’. As football is a speedy and highly competitive game so it became popular in less time. Soon it became the preferred choice of international tycoons where they wanted to endow the money. In England this game is not just a spectator sport but it also holds an attractive place among inhabitants and thus became a game of mass participation in a wide variety of form.

England had first used the term ‘football’ for the game. The first international football match that was played by the England national football team was against Scotland in 1872 at Hampden Park in Glasgow and they won their first world cup in 1966. In England the kicking ball games has been illustrated since 1280. It has been researched that team football games has being played in English Schools since 1581. The thrust of these games was to coalesce English Public School and University football games.

The first modern game was played in London in 1863.The game was associated https://rakhoitvbiz.net/by the oldest football association in the world – ‘English Football Association’.

It has been traced out that in ancient time Greeks and Romans developed a pastime ‘Harpastum’ that was a combination of Association football and Rugby football. Then with the change of time there came drastic change in the game also.

The world’s oldest competition, the FA cup and the first ever soccer league was founded in England in 1872 and 1888 respectively. Therefore England is said to be the home of the game of football. After the establishment of soccer league, many other leagues have also been founded here with a dream of rising up to the top one day with their efforts. The soccer league is currently being divided into three divisions named the Football League championship, Football League one and Football League two.

The English football competition includes the FA cup and the League cup. The FA cup is the oldest and respectable national cup competition in the world. Although many other competitions are also targeted yet these are the most important among them. The winner of these competitions holds an important position in soccer game field. The winners are considered to be qualified for the UEFA cup.