Dubai Fashion Week showcases fashion in Dubai

Dubai is a cosmopolitan city and thus the fashion trends are very mature and among the best in the world. Paris and London have their own identity of fashion industry. Dubai is on the track to create an identity of its own in the fashion industry. The fashion scene of Dubai is very different from that of other countries. Here the buyers are from different religions and cultures; hence there is a wide difference in the tastes and preferences of the buyers. The fashion culture of Dubai is very amazing and brilliant. The works of the designers can be viewed in the Dubai Fashion Week which is held every year in Dubai. This week showcases some of the best works of the designers of Dubai.

The fashion in Dubai has developed so much over a period of time that the fashion lovers can find some of the best creations of the world. The Dubai Fashion Week has showcased some of the fashion designs of from the well known fashion design houses and also the well known brand sellers from across the world. It is a great idea to spend some time of your vacation and watch the Dubai Fashion Week. The Fashion Week has become a great platform to showcase the latest fashion trends and also build strong relationships among different countries for some of the best known brands across the world. This is an eye opening experience for those who have just entered the fashion designing field.

During the grand finale of the Dubai Fashion Week the viewers got the some of the best glimpses of the fashion in dubai by some of the famous artists across the world. The main star attraction was the world famous Etoile La Boutique which had captivated the large audience with their brilliant range of latest trend setter fashions. The designers here at Dubai feel that a lot more can be done in order to promote the fashion in Dubai and the fashion traditions should have more international coverage of the press in order to take it more towards the world audience.