Choosing a Sex Toy Right for You

Going directly to the store, no matter if it’s an on-line store or a physical one, may leave you frustrated: there are several hundreds (if not thousands) of various types of vibrators. Sometimes they are labeled as “Basic Vibrators” and “Multi-Sensation Vibrators”. The latter possess more complex design and are intended for simultaneous stimulation of various erogenous areas (for example: G-spot and the clitoris). Basic vibrators are also used for sexual stimulation as well as in massage. They have more primitive shape, usually not penis-shaped, and have fewer operating modes.


The first question you should answer is: what kind of stimulation do you need? Internal or external? Clitoral? Vaginal? Anal? G-spot? Or perhaps you need a combination of stimulations on parts listed here? Basic Vibes used for solely clitoral stimulation and Multi-sensation vibrators for clitoris may be practically of any kind: butterflies, remote control panties, finger-shaped, etc. The thing is that most vibes for internal stimulation may also be used for external one. The only limitation here is vibration intensity a woman may need to get real sensual pleasure.

Here we come to the second question: how intense should the vibration be? Of course, it’ll be rather difficult to answer this question if it’s your first experience with a vibrator. Use your natural masturbation technique as a guide. Do you like a softer touch, more pressure, faster movement, etc…? Think of the way you are rubbing yourself while masturbating. This will give you a slight hint. Usually electric, especially plug-in models vibrate with the most intensity. They are used for erotic massageas well and if a vibe is only 1 AA-battery-operated, it will give you slight vibration. Multi-sensation vibes allow you for a wider choice because, as a rule, they have more operating modes. There are multi-speed basic vibrators as well.

The next important thing is the material. The most popular materials are plastic, latex, silicone, jelly and Cyberskin.

Cyberskin ( or Ultraskin, Eroskin, Realistic, Softskin, Cyber Jel-lee, Futurotic and UR3.)- material, imitates that of human skin. It is soft and maintains warmth. It is also very flexible and elastic. Products made of Cyberskin should be cleansed with “renewal” talc to extend their working life. You may also use special lubricants. The pleasure you get from these products is worth their price. Besides, this material is considered to be the least allergenic.


Silicone Silicone is close to Cyberskin material. Sex toys made of silicone are also known as hypo-allergenic. They don’t need special treatment and may be washed with warm water and soap. They have a long working life and are less expensive than Cyberskin sex toys.

Jelly sex toys are a good combination of price and quality. They are not as soft and realistic as Cyberskin sex toys, but applying sufficient water-based lubricants may make up the deficiency. Jelly toys are not as allergic-free. The material is more porous and can’t be completely sterilized.

Latex is harder in texture than “realistic” or jelly material. It won’t give you that realistic sensation. Latex sex toys are considerably cheaper but have a shorter working life. Not completely allergen-free.

Plastic sex toys are cold, hard and inflexible. Some of them vibrate very intensively and for that reason some people enjoy them. They aren’t allergen-free and need good cleaning.

The next question is whether it should be a battery-powered or electric vibrator. Today most vibes are battery powered. As a rule they are less expensive, made of different variety of materials, and have an array of shapes and sizes. Pocket vibrators which are usually battery operated are compact enough to take with you anywhere. The disadvantage of battery-powered vibrators is that they have a shorter working life and fail faster than electric ones.

Electric vibrators are more expensive as they are considered to be of a better quality. Some of them need to be plugged in while others are rechargeable. These types of vibrators tend to be noisier.

Portable pocket vibrators are small but they are used mainly for clitoral stimulation. Take into consideration the girth of the toy as it may be as important as vibration intensity, but be careful when choosing a vibrator for anal stimulation. Choose a toy that is not too thick that it could cause too much discomfort or possible damage to the anal region. Always remember to use generous amounts of lube.

And the last point to mention is toy’s appearance. There’s a great variety of models. They differ in color, shape, and sizes. Some look very realistic, while others resemble a pocket torch made in a shape of ballistic rocket. When choosing a vibrator try to remember some of your hottest sexual experiences and choose a vibe that looks appealing and attractive to you. If choosing a toy for both you and your partner find one that appeals to both of you, for maximal enjoyment.