Cannabis Fine Dining Meet Toronto’s Newest Experience, Enlightened Dining Club

Calling all cannabis-enthusiasts and foodies! Meet our latest obsession. Underground, nomadic and infused with cannabis? Get ready to meet Toronto’s latest obsession: the Enlightened Dining Club that brings together design, cannabis, and food in the heart of the city. The dinner features a uniquely tailored menu, chock full of high-end ingredients and the best cannabis that the city offers, this event has a confidential guest list and a hidden venue that is only available a few days before the event itself. Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you, cannabis fine dining.


cannabis samen

cannabis samen

Where To Find Cannabis Fine Dining?


Hosted by the cannabis lifestyle brand byMINISTRY, the Enlightened Dining Club is a super private, secret supper club that will run you anywhere from $100 to $150 dollars a ticket. With the intent of being more than just “something that gets you high,” this dinner is an elevated experience for those who enjoy cannabis for more than just the psychedelic effects. The last event, held on the 21st of January was heralded as “The moveable feast for forward-thinkers. A 5-course dining experience created by Ted Corrado, artist Dahae Song and nVoid.” and featured an immersive 5-course sensory exploration of our own philosophy in plant-forward cooking; with food and art seamlessly intertwined to heighten your experience.”




The first of its kind to be seen in Canada, byMINISTRY’s events boast “design-led locations, collaborations with local and international chefs, artists and creators, and some damn interesting table talk” and feature the work of byMINISTRY culinary director Ted Corrado, who formerly worked at The Drake Hotel and the Royal Ontario Museum kitchen as head chef. Corrado is known for his “cannabistronomy” expertise and joined byMINISTRY late last year to bring his plant-forward food and drink to all byMINISTRY spaces and events.




According to The GrowthOp, for one of the most recent meals, Chef Corrado “chose to keep the cannabis dosage for the entire meal under 10 mg.” In an interview with the chef post-event, he stated that “the first two courses had 5 mg of THC and the dessert, in an attempt to balance things out, was high in CBD. I wanted the guests to not only enjoy the night but walk out feeling in control,” he says.