Can the iPhone Revolutionize Direct Sales & Network Marketing?

The study allowed users to rank their devices based on ease of operation, operating system, features, battery life and device design. These statistics should be of notice to those in the Direct Sales, Network Marketing and MLM Software industries because it indicates a change in the way business is conducted.

Networking is one of the standard principles in the Direct Sales industry. Developing relationships and sustaining those relationships builds success in an individual’s personal and professional life. Smartphones, and specifically the iPhone, help individuals stay connected to the world around them.

Users have the ability to stay in touch with people who are close and far away through social networking sites. A Smartphone can remind an individual to call someone on their birthday through the phone’s calendar feature, or using the internet, customers can read a tweet about the company’s new product line as soon as it is posted.

Additionally, Smartphone users can easily and rapidly remind everyone in their downline of an upcoming web conference or a new party package. Smartphones are changing the way Online Business is done, and the revolution is beginning with the iPhone.

To fully understand the power of the iPhone, we need to explore