Buying Your Special Someone A Piece Of Jewelry? Here Are Some Tips For You

– You should take the time to study your lady. This means you’re going to have to work, but only just a little. Take some time prior to your shopping spree to really study what your lady wears jewelry wise. Notice if it’s gold or silver or if she stays away from metal all together. Get a feel for what you enjoy seeing her wearing as far as her current jewelry. Drop a comment on what she’s wearing to get some possible reaction, you may get something like: (“Hmm, this necklace? I got this when I was in high school but it’s the only thing that matches this shirt. I really should get something else to go with it, don’t you think?”) So there’s your hint, after comments like that from your girl, take a second and jot yourself a note like “buy something to match the dark blue shirt she had on”. Don’t worry, jewelry salespersons get paid to help you actually figure out what might match.

– Whatever you do, make sure you do not buy them rings. This one is very very important. DO NOT purchase your special lady a ring unless you’re already married to her or you are committed to getting married to her. This is plain and simple fact. Those little boxes being handed over to them by their men mean only one thing to them… Permanent. Enough said.

– You can go with personalization for success. Personalized jewelry is almost always a hit with any woman. You can purchase monogrammed products  online or offline at most retailers. Just keep in mind that in relation to the above tip, unless you are already married or are planning on getting married to your lady, stay away from personalized items that include your name as well as hers.

– Match your lady’s eyes. You should always look out for something that matches your girl’s eyes or you can talk to a sales rep to help you find one if you find yourself  completely matching challenged. So you ask why you need to do this? It’s simply because it’s better with meaning. If you can attach a sentimental meaning to the jewelry you select, e.g. “I got this necklace because the colors of the stones match your eyes” you’ll score serious points with your girl for sure.


– Whatever you decide to buy, it’s still all in the presentation. If your sales persons in the jewelry store offer wrapping, take them up on it even if it means a few extra dollars out of your pocket. A special box can often mean almost as much as what’s inside for some ladies. And most girls love having a chance to rip open a wrapped package, especially when it’s from her special man.