Best Source Of Real Estate Listings, Internet Or Newspapers?

Whenever I want to purchase my dream property, first I will go through the real estate listings appeared in news papers and then internet online websites.

Where do you look for the best source of listings?

When you intend to buy a property, first thing you have to do is searching through the real estate listings. Newspapers and internet online are the best sources of the information for real estate listings.

With the exploded popularity of internet, most of the real estate sellers and buyers use this as the primary source of information regarding the real estate listings.

The traditional methods of real estate listings in newspapers are still popular and many are depending on it as well. There are many differences between these two sources of real estate listing.

Newspaper Vs Internet

In case of newspaper real estate listings, the searching process is time consuming. In this process you have to scan through each and every one in the listing and note down the one you are interested in.

But in case of Internet, these are easily searchable with the modern search facilities available in the documents. If you want to search for a property in a particular location, the best source is the search with the location name will provide you all listings in that location. It is very simple.

In the case of Newspapers, after you have located a potential property, you have to note down the phone number or contact details and then telephone the seller or buyer to arrange for a site view.

In most of the internet based websites, the site will offer you online facility to contact the seller or buyer or broker through email. Also you can take a printed copy of the details of the site and keep it with you for further reference.

After getting information from newspapers and contacting the concerned person, you have to arrange a site view to have an initial assessment of the property. In fact this is one tedious part of it, costing much and time consuming.

Many internet online websites now offer online views of the property for sale. Many are offering video graphed views of the property as best source. From this you can make the initial assessment about the property and locality.

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Mostly newspaper listings are published once in a week. I would like to share with you one of my experiences. I curiously located an ad in newspaper and telephoned to the seller. He told me that it has been sold out five days back as he published his ad in internet as well.

Internet real estate listings are updated mostly every day as and when the new ads come. There is no real estate listing sites which do not update the real estate listings at least twice a week. As a real estate investor, it is always beneficial for you, if you get the details of the potential property as soon as it is declared for sale. What do you think? Is it the best source you can rely on?

Even if I have listed many advantages of internet based real estate listings, I know that it is simply a matter of personal choice. Why can’t you go with both?