Bean Bags – The Ultimate Comfort

started in the late 60s and early 70s. Finally they toll the shape of a pear with an included headrest made of leather. Due to its surging demand, leather was replaced with vinyl with plastic or thermocol pellet fillings. This pseudo-couch can be found anywhere especially in cafes, bookstores, malls and homes.

The flexible property of bean bags comes from the fillings of thermocol/plastic pellets. Its lifespan ranges from a year to a year and a half depending on the usage as after sometime its flexibility becomes weaken. Another benefit is that you can refill it with pellets and continue using it for more years. With the incorporation of pellet fapellet brikett fabrikett new technologies, the bean bag manufacturers have introduced new features such as washable bean bags which increases the flexibility, plastic pellets have been replaced with urethane foam to increase its durability and support, mixture of textures like vinyl, outdura, faux, printed themes, and collegiate to the existing leather material.

People prefer these beanbags not just because of quality but much more comfort. People can easily set in relaxed positions using bean bags. Another reason behind its popularity is the easiness to which kids can carry it out. Many therapists believe that bean bags are of great help for children with sensory integration issues and for those suffering from lumbar surgery.