3 Ways to Play Adobe Flash SWF Files on iPhone 4

If the iPhone generation you currently have is iPhone 4,Guest Posting and you are a crazy Flash fan, I can hear your OS: it would be perfect if iPhone 4 can play Flash.

Well, here comes the question: Before we find the definite answer in this blog, it is necessary to know some historical background info behind this question.

Adobe and Apple are two world-famous enterprises, and it makes sense if they cooperate. However, things sometimes are just not developing towards the direction as most people wish. The two giants fight with each other instead of cooperating: Apple refuses Flash Player – one of the featured products of Adobe – to be installed in any of its products including iPhone 4 and many other more, while Adobe pretends to be careless.

In such an awkward situation, it requires the users who want to co-exist both of them to generate some magic and sparkle to make Flash SWF playable on iPhone 4. We have rounded up 3 ways below to show you how to play Flash SWF file on iPhone 4, and it is for testing & educational purposes only. Follow it on your own r