3 Ways Newport Beach Photographers Can Add Value to their Offerings

jobs than does the competition.

1. During a family portrait session, take some portraits of individuals and groups. Many times a client will go into the session mainly seeking only a portrait of the entire family. However, if a photographer brings up the subject, the family is thrilled to get shots that can be used as Senior Pictures for the teenager, baby shots of the newborn and engagement shots for the family’s new couple.

2. Offer collection consultations. Many people look to their photographer graduation photographer for artistic guidance – not just for the image themselves but to how to group those images as well. A photographer can create value for their clients by providing a catalog of sample collections attractively displayed on walls. A photographer should put together actual sample collections of the families photo shoot.

3. An Orange County photographer can offer greater value to his client’s by being willing to tag one of the best images free of charge to the client’s Facebook account as long as the image has the photographer’s contact information on it. This is a win/win for both the photographer and the client. Most photographers usually charge around $100 for the rights to an image that can be posted on the web. This is given to the client for free. Although it can be argued that with the photographer’s logo on the image it is worth less than $100, it still has significant value. The photographer is given exposure. All of the client’s friends will be able to admire the image. They will know which photographer produced this awesome image and some of them will seek you out when they are in need of photography services.

The photography industry is competitive. By offering individual and group shots at family portrait sessions, offering collection consultations and tagging a quality image to the photographers Facebook account, a photography business owner can offer greater value to his clients.